Human, being

If my mother were still here, she’d be pleased. She always complained that I was never at home, and never alone. When I was young I never saw the attraction of either. . .of course I was busy, there were so many places to go, things to see, and people to meet.

I was a human, doing.


I have since learned the pleasure of my own company, time spent with a few close  friends, and that of staying at home. And I must admit, I like this slower pace.

Part of it is the pleasure of being on my own schedule and getting to do things at My leisure. The other part is since there’s so much traffic here, I must seriously consider whether I want to go somewhere, or do something if I don’t have to.

After all, there’s always mañana.

I’ve become a human, being.

XO Donna

Love Muffin

I can’t tell you how many beautiful things I have let go of, passing them on to young friends hoping they will enjoy them for as many years as I did.  I often need to remind myself that I am doing this – downsizing – in order to follow my wanderlust.

Occasionally there are items I miss, but mostly it’s been great. I saved the things I use that are right-sized for a gypsy life. Especially those that have a story, like this old Crown Ware muffin tin.

imageYears ago, I went to stay with a dear friend outside of Santa Fe as I sorted out my life. We took long walks in the arroyo. We took that delightful trip to Ojo Caliente.  And one morning I awoke to a blanket of snow enveloping everything. It seemed to be a sign to make a fresh start. I came home renewed.

While I was there, I found this tin in a thrift store and it reminded me of a cast-iron cornbread pan my maternal-grandmother had. Now this tin reminds me of my friend, and how much more enduring our friendships and memories are, than things.

XO Donna


I have been feeling overwhelmed by all of the politics lately – and the mean-spiritedness that goes along with them. And, I’m not talking about the politicians!

On social media there’s an attitude that “if you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong!” My way, or the highway. Right, wrong. Push, pull. Love, hate. As my Mom would have said, “It seems as if everything’s going to hell in a hand-basket.”

I  know that this too, shall pass. To remind myself that things change for the better, we took a ride out to Lake Travis – 40 minutes west of downtown. We’d been in such a drought state for years, that at one point we were able to hike almost clear across the bottom of it!image

Down here we always joke that “one good rain’d fix that!” and that’s just what happened. After seeing the lake at it’s lowest levels EVER – it’s such a joy to see it full, and sparkling blue again.image

Historically, people have always complained that things were awful. “It was the best of times. . .it was the worst of times.” I choose to believe that just as we have in the past, we are evolving. It’s Nature at work. Look at the chaos a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Speaking of which, one just zig-zagged past!

XO Donna



Tabula Rasa

In just a few hours we will all have a new year in front of us to do with as we wish. Or, as we dream.

A clean slate, infinite possibilities. New places to go, new people to meet, familiar places to revisit, and old friends to love.

I wish you everything that you wish for yourself, and offer two words of advice for 2016: Dream Bigger!

XO  Donna


Bring it!

Here’s the thing about being a gypsy at heart – you no sooner get back from one trip, and you’re already looking for the next place to go.

My toiletries are still in their FAA-approved ziploc bag from our trip to Mexico for Halloween.  Each time I see them in their  little three-ounce-bottles my heart flutters and my adrenaline goes up a notch.  I’m packed and ready!

I do see a trip in my near future, the hunt for the perfect RV is underway. We’ve narrowed it down to four models, and a specific price range. It’s just like buying a car – that you’re going to live in.

imageNow that I’ve done that part, here is where I bow out: I dislike everything about the haggling part of the process. My way is to pin photos where I can see them, write a price across them…and let the Universe take care of the rest!

Universe, you are hereby notified: I want this baby by Valentine’s Day, 2016 or sooner, for a price that we are happy to pay. And if you have something better in mind, bring it!

Love,  Donna