Fiesta Time!


Jim Hogg Park, TX

The last two weeks have been so bright, warm, and vibrant that it felt like we’d skipped spring and gone directly to summer! Both yesterday and today it’s drizzly and grey. We are in a Corps of Engineers Park north of Austin, TX. The park is always relatively empty during the week, so for now, it’s just us and the critters.

It’s a perfect day to stay indoors and edit all of the photos I’ve taken over the last month, and share my photos from last week in San Antonio. We have lived 80 miles up the road, and I can probably count the number of times I’ve been here in the last forty years. And it was always going to the same few tourist spots. This time we found a wonderful RV park just minutes south of downtown San Antonio: Travelers World,  on Roosevelt Avenue. I won’t lie, as we drove in, we were skeptical… it didn’t seem to be in a good part of town. However, it turned out to be a GREAT park in a very convenient  part of town!

Mission San Jose

One of our favorite restaurants, Rosario’s,  was only a few minute’s drive away. We had the best frozen margaritas we’ve had in ages, around the corner from there at Tito’s, a small, neighborhood restaurant. The Mission San Jose is just down Roosevelt Ave. as is the Charro Ranch, home to the charreada, or Mexican rodeo, which was happening that weekend since it was Fiesta. We attended with some new friends we’d made while at Tito’s, Taylor and Linda, who were going the next day and kindly invited us.


Escorting una charra- cowgirl

The pledge of allegiance.

If you don’t want the bother of driving, the bus stop is directly across the road from the RV park to take you downtown, and even connects to take you all the way up to the Historic Pearl District, then drops you right in front of the RV park when you return. Silly us, we drove into town, and paid for parking.

We bought “Museum Reach” tickets for the riverboat ride that takes you up through the locks, amidst old and new architecture, alongside banks covered in Star Jasmine so intoxicating I thought I was in Heaven.

Waterfowl at Pearl

The ride ends at a lovely pond with a waterfall and a very short stroll to the Pearl Brewery District. Our first stop was the Hotel Emma which had been highly recommended by Brenda Coffee of  (We’d met her “girls,” two spirited pups that I’ve heard so much about, then had a delicious, and informative, lunch with her a couple of days earlier). Upon entering its doors, I became certain I was in Heaven!

Lobby, Hotel Emma

Lounge bar in Hotel Emma

While there were other people here, too, I was careful not to include them. The crowd that afternoon was mostly well-dressed business people. In the background, notice the big tanks; there were a few of them, each converted to private rooms that could hold four people for more intimate visiting. They were all occupied… next time.  The architects used as much of the brewery’s features as they could, making for a wonderful place to explore for hours. The manager told us they could even provide a safe place for our motorhome if we wanted to spend the night there… they’ve done it for musician’s tour buses. I’m picturing a giant bathtub, bubbles galore, and a glass of sparkling wine.  That would be a very special occasion, indeed!

XO Donna