Warmer Winter, Pt. 2

We were in Silver City, NM in my last blog. One thing I forgot to tell you was that as we were driving into town, we spotted a sign for an old hot springs. A couple of days later, we headed down the highway, swimsuits and towels in hand, to Faywood hot springs. 

While Faywood isn’t exactly a “resort” yet, the owners are working diligently to bring this wonderfully rustic place back. It was a successful resort in the early 1900’s, then a ghost town, and now a comfy campground and hot springs. If you’re heading that way, do stop in. Now, on to Bizbee!

006FD5A0-198A-491B-BC8E-B343E4644090I had no idea what a delightful treat Bisbee would turn out to be, especially after after our frightening introduction to it. The directions were unclear on how to get to the RV park, and missing the turn took us right through the middle of this tiny, bustling tourist town!

Imagine driving an RV and towing a pick-up truck through an Alpine village… we were a bit freaked out, to say the least!

874450E9-1728-4FE2-A215-DB878A918AD7Once we finally arrived at the Queen Mine RV Park, (above) overlooking the namesake copper mine on one side, and the town straight ahead, we walked downhill into town to find some good food and explore. Bisbee is full of good food and there are lots of places to explore. It’s not the usual glut of touristy trinkets in shop after shop. Lots of people live, work, and raise families here. There are churches, schools, a theatre, bakeries, cafes and restaurants of all kinds, gorgeous old hotels, B&B’s, and a fun, hip, and hippy vibe.

E93F8F9F-CB46-4764-BDAB-4896729C5F93We enjoyed some of the best Mexican food we’ve had outside of Austin, at Santiago’s Restaurant in the San Ramon Hotel. The food was delicious and beautifully presented, our waitress was friendly and knowledgeabl; not just about the food, but about Mexican cuisine in general, and everything Bisbee, too.


This town is built up and down a series of hills, and the streets are connected by stairs. We found it easy to wander up and down the staircases, the views make it completely worth the expended energy! Bisbee loves its stairs, too.

965146A7-4B7D-4872-9C76-467578D9A779They have had an annual 1000 Great Stair Climb for the last 27 years, and also a 1000 Ironman Competition – where competitors carry a 10 lb. block of ice, with tongs, up 155 stairs, across a trail, then zoom down a winding road to the finish line, as you can see in the photo painted on the wall.  For more about the races, here is a website. www.bisbee.org


2F508FEE-F73E-48F1-991D-921DDDACA099This is a place we look forward to revisiting again and again!

XO Donna


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