A Flexible Life

I’m writing at my home-away-from-Home-office, Starbucks. There are 15 people in here, working.
Behind me is a woman being interviewed by a recruiter. I hear the word “over-qualified,” and the (over-used phrase) “let me reach out to her.” Two men to my left are co-working on a visual presentation of some sort and arguing over graphics.  Working lunches spent hunched over tiny tables while the air all around us buzzes like a beehive and we all tune it out to focus on our lighted screens. Austin, TX. Pretty much every Starbucks in this town is like this, and today the patio is pack, too, since it’s a spectacular autumn day.

I’ve been antsy as hell, not looking forward to being here for more than a month, but I have been having fun catching up with dear friends, checking in with a few of my docs for a thumbs-up, and mustering my courage to approach my fave bookstore about putting my book on their shelves.

Yesterday it was me sitting across the table talking to a manager, selling myself. I’m honored to say that my book, “Sick and Tired… & Sexy” is now gracing the shelves of BookPeople, the leading independent bookstore in Texas! I have a long, sweet, history with this store, and it was always a goal of mine to have a book in there.

Today, I am floating on that feeling of accomplishment, and I remembered what my yoga teacher used to say when we were doing long poses.. “Be happy in this pose.”  She was reminding us to relax, not judge, not struggle, to create ease.  I see that I can do this in my life, too; by tempering my urge to think that I need to go someplace else, and by pausing to enjoy everything that is here in front of me.

It is a glorious fall day, after all. I am enjoying a large cup of black tea, English-style with sugar and cream. I have a big win under my belt. Austin is actually a pretty nice place to be, and I trust that the next-right-step will show up when it’s supposed to. Today I will choose to be happy.

XO Donna


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