About to Fall


I hadn’t put two and two together until a friend posted this photo of Imogene Trail in Ouray, CO yesterday evening. This morning I noticed the Google doodle honoring the Autumnal Equinox today at 3:02 pm Central time. As of this moment, it is fall.

It was 95 degrees yesterday and I was sweating like a p… wait, do pigs sweat? Anyway, I was perspiring profusely as we settled in to our new site at La Hacienda, west of Austin, TX. Since it is just a hop, skip, and a jump into the pool from our front door – that’s exactly what we did as soon as all was settled.

It’s not quite Hades-hot today, and there’s been a steady breeze flapping our awnings. Sunlight and darkness will be of equal length today, and then the days will become shorter and shorter. I know some cooler weather will be blowing in on the wind, but you’d never trust that right now.

I’ve felt antsy ever since we arrived last week. For the first time, I didn’t want to be here, but didn’t know exactly where I wanted to be. Have you ever felt that way? On top of that, I felt saddened by the world’s events and how little I seemed to be able to do to help.

So I focused on the drama going on with the neighbor on our passenger side. I wondered what her “story” was. Where did she get that huge 43′ Toy-hauler? Was she on vacation or a long-term rental? How did she pull it… since she had a Toyota sedan? And then there was a red-truck-boyfriend, a white-truck-boyfriend, and also a motorcycle-boyfriend… who might have owned the white truck, too. Unsure, I gave up on all of it.

I just wanted something to change. So we moved sites! Now we are facing a large retention field that has a beautiful walking trail around it. On the far side there is a stone bridge with a field-fence, which was covered in native Morning Glories when I awoke today. My mood lifted.

We tackled, and successfully completed, a kitchen sink drain replacement today in a double-sink! I’m so proud of my sweetie’s fix-it savvy. And we are planning a trip up The Natchez Trace in a couple of weeks.

IMG_5602Wishing you all good weather, a happy Equinox, and to my Jewish readers, a very Happy New Year!

XO Donna

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