A River Runs Through It


When I was younger, I wished my parents would have sent me away to summer camp. Of the five of us girls, I was the one who spent all of her time wandering the woods and creeks looking for tadpoles, bunnies, fish and chipmunks.

I loved foraging for the wild strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries that grew everywhere. I usually came home muddy with both my face and my clothes tie-dyed with berry juice.

This extended vacation, which is how I view living in our motor-home, feels like being in touch with that inner-child again, and getting to go away to camp. I’m getting dirty, always on the lookout for wild critters, getting fresh fruit from farmer’s stands now, rather than foraging, and I paid for a high-tech, tie-dye, long-sleeved shirt. LOL!

The sun is just rising from behind the mountain here in Durango, CO, and the trees are dappled in light. I’m going to walk down to the river to take pictures… back in a bit!


It’s fun to be able to stop what you are doing to hustle off and take a few photos as the sun rises. We are staying at Durango Riverside Lodge, situated about 13 miles north of downtown Durango. Most of the people here are from Texas, and surprisingly, our neighbors are from Austin, like us! It’s so hot in Texas, I can understand not wanting to be there!

We are above the Animas River and there are great decks where you can sit and relax while watching it rush by. There is a beautiful meadow at one end with red mountains rising beside it. Hummingbirds are everywhere, making me regret having given away all of our feeders, and there’s both a place to buy fresh honey and an organic farm just south of here where you can tour the farm and it’s workings, or just buy meat, eggs, veggies,  and cheeses.


There’s also Trimble Hot Springs. I went in to take a look – and it’s beautiful! An Olympic-sized pool, heated to 83, and mineral-rich hot pools at 103 and 106. I was drawn-in by the large rolling lawn dotted with trees on one side. Places to sit in lawn-chairs, ideal spots to spread out a blanket and have a proper picnic. You know, picnic basket, and all. We are going to go there tomorrow, and I will let you know all about that and a sky-high tour of the San Juan mountains!

XO Donna

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