Key Lime Diary

IMG_0917I can’t believe it has been almost two months since we’ve returned from the trip to the Keys. Two months since I’ve had a slice of Key Lime Pie! But, in telling you about the trip, I’ve relived the delicious parts.

That’s the best thing about taking photos and storytelling;  sharing your experiences with others, and perhaps offering inspiration. I can’t tell you how many people have inspired us to get to this point, to go for what we really wanted, and to trust ourselves.

From Disney we went to Tampa for work on the RV,  then down to Key West, which you may have read about in Just Us Chickens.  We had a plan, but also allowed time to do nothing, and space for spontaneity – stumbling across a great restaurant, then being invited to an art show along the wharves. We even made some great new friends from California.

IMG_5509We both read Razor Girl, by Carl Hiaasen, a hilarious romp set in the Keys.  What fun to read it while we were “on location”. On our way back home, we visited with dear friends in Boca Raton, as we were reading Hiaasen’s book Skinny Dip, which turned out to be set around Boca. Also read Bad Monkey, Love his books, not a bad one in the bunch!

This trip was more than just a vacation for us, we We’re on a mission, and after a month together 24/7, more than 3,000 miles in less than 300 square feet, we passed the acid test! We found that we could live that closely without driving each other crazy… which is a damned good thing to know for certain before making a big decision…

We decided to give up a bricks & mortar home, and to go full time in our motor-home! Since then, we have sold the majority of our furniture… even my bookcases, something I never thought I’d do. I took most of my books to Half-Priced Books, and am donating a bunch of great hard-covers and a stack of beautiful magazines to a Senior Living Center. We’ve been paring down closets that have already been down-sized twice, and letting go of all the remaining accumulations of home-ownership.

Of course, a few of our favorite pieces of furniture, art, family china, and glassware will go in a small, climate-controlled storage unit, along with clothing and linens we won’t need right now. We may want a house again one day, but if we don’t, our kids will only have to deal with our best things, not all of the stuff we didn’t want to deal with either.

IMG_5507This has been both challenging, AND tempered with excitement. We are almost done, and I keep reminding myself that it’s just as important to enjoy the process as it is to focus on the goal. In 13 more days we move… that’s always been my lucky number.

July 4th will be our Independence Day for sure… bring on the fireworks!
XO Donna





6 thoughts on “Key Lime Diary

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the club. The RV lifestyle can be addictive. Sure, it’s not perfect and presents challenges, but it’s oh so fun. See ya down the road!

    • Thank you, Ingrid! I have loved reading about your trip with your lovely and adventurous daughter.
      We just started planning a trip out Arizona way for August, maybe we will bump into each other somewhere, sometime!

      • Keep me posted. I’m in Prescott until the end of August and then Sept we’ll meander about either near the Grand Canyon, Page, or Lake Havasu. Oct it’s back to Phoenix.

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