19 Days Out

As we plan our trip to Florida, all sorts of stumbling blocks have shown up, followed immediately by (depending on how you look at it) serendipitous solutions… or just plain dumb luck.  I’d like to think there are guardian spirits out there who favor the adventurous and the flexible.

IMG_0062It would be fun to just roll along and pull into an RV park at will, but there are so many people traveling in RV’s now that you need reservations. We haven’t tried boondocking yet, and I think it’s a great off-the-beaten-path option, but traveling Interstates there wouldn’t be anything relaxing about having to stay in a parking lot overnight, so we plan stops.

It’s been a cha-cha – two steps forward and one back – we get everything all mapped out, and call to make reservations only to find the place has closed. We hustled to figure out what else was nearby, then found something more wonderful just a few miles away.

We’ve traveled a lot, usually on our motorcycles with another couple, or as part of our large group. This will only be our second trip to a new place by ourselves. We’ve wondered about being together 24/7 for 21 days in 300 sq.ft. – but fellow bloggers have given us the confidence to believe we can do it!

We’re pooling our strengths – I love to research: looking to Yelp and TripAdvisor for  recommendations  and other blogger’s suggestions and experiences. I have also printed pages from my fave magazine, Garden & Gun, entitled Florida’s Hidden Hot Spots.  From BBQ, to hand-rolled cigars, and the best Dive Bar, there seems to be something for everyone in here. And the king of the spread-sheet… is turning King of the Road! He is in charge of routes, distances, times of departure and arrival. He’ll know when we can mosey, and when we have to hoof it.

You_Doodle_2017-03-09T18_06_16ZThis skinny green line is our route down to the Keys.
If you have any suggestions for unique places to add to our adventure, please leave a comment below.
I’d be much obliged.

XO Donna

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