Fairy Tale Ending

Our motor-home is finally out of the shop! She spent a little longer there than anticipated because the man who was supposed to be working on her ended up in the hospital with pneumonia (or, as my Mother used to jokingly say, phenomia).

Someone else  stepped in, replacing our shore line. Our updated cord even has a handle on it, making it easier to work with. We’ve got a doozy of a trip lined up.

daysuntilWe’d been  dreaming of sand and blue water for months now – especially after all of those times we had to camp out in freezing weather. Then, we got an invitation to go to… wait for it… Disney World in Orlando. Would that have been my first choice? Not really, but then I heard the details of the invitation and now we are “all in!”

One of Turk’s long-time friends has been a Disney member forever. He knows everything there is to know about the parks, and he is very analytical in nature, which is really paying off.  He invited us to meet him and his wonderful girlfriend there, and to be our personal tour guide!. This is his favorite time of year to go because there aren’t crowds. He knows which rides we’d like best – since he’s ridden them all.  We have lunch and dinner reservations each day, to make it easy to eat where we wanted and have a relaxed time. And while we will be seeing all of the parks -I am most excited about Wild Kingdom, since I’ve always wanted to go on a photographic safari, and he thinks this is as close to that experience as I can get.

disneycamping We are staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, and the campsites are beautiful, spacious, and have sewer hook-ups, and that’s always a big plus! They also have shuttles to the parks. After our four days here are up, we are heading west to the Tampa area to meet more dear friends for another fun-filled four days, and then we will probably wander down to the Keys.

After planning every day of our journey, this is the only unscripted part of the trip, and I think it will be fun. Go, or stay another day? Gulf coast or ocean side? Book ahead, or just show up? We have never done anything without plans, and we will find out if we like it, or not.
Do you feel more secure if you have reservations, and know where you will be, or do you like to allow for synchronicity and serendipity?  I’d love to hear your comments!!

XO Donna



4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Ending

  1. We do a combo of reservations and winging it. It can get be a little stressful winging it during peak season but we’ve always managed to find a place to park. There are times we love the freedom of rolling without ridged plans.

    • Hi Ingrid!
      Thanks for writing! I think that is probably just what we will do. We will be going “full-time” in July, and your blog has been an inspiration for me.
      I think it will be fun to travel without an agenda…
      Now, there’s a topic for a blog: Fantasy, meet Reality!


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