That gap between where you want to be… and where you are.

Four trips down, and back up, two flights of stairs. One last look-around… and we are ready to roll! Let’s lock up, and leave the apartment behind.
We’ve missed the lake. I am particularly looking forward to a long walk around the loop at the park. Then cooking dinner outside. Then, a glorious sunset and sunrise. During the week the park is mostly empty. I love it when it’s like that!

Our motor-home is stored only minutes from the lake, but an hour from our home. It’s warm and deliriously sunny when we arrive there. We notice that our friend, Herr Schultz, is still out in his Monaco – that makes two weeks now. We are happy for him, because every time we  saw him, he was working diligently; fourteen feet up in the air, making sure everything on his roof was cleaned and sealed. We hoped this was all leading somewhere fun for him… you know what they say about all work and no play.

We have a reservation for spot 42 this week, (pictured above) one of our favorites, and a fantastic sunrise location. I guide Turk as he backs in.  I’d like to think that I do it as well as the guys that guide airplanes to their terminals… but I probably look more like a circus clown, juggling. That done, we connect our fresh water, plug in to shore-power, then head inside to level it and extend the slides.

But… nothing is working properly! We head outside to check the electricity. What’s up? Did we connect everything right?  Did we forget something? Is it us, or is it the electrical hook-up?  We try about a dozen different times to get it working, but to no avail. We disconnect everything and move the behemoth to another spot and try the electricity there – just so we can know if it is us, or if #42 has a bad outlet.

And, sadly, it is us.

I don’t want to miss the sunset. I don’t want to miss out on my walks. We don’t want to go home to the apartment. We look for options: maybe we could boon-dock and take it in to the repair shop in the morning? But we have no candles, no battery powered lantern. It’s going to get cold tonight, and it would be too noisy,and inconsiderate, to run our generator. I didn’t put enough ice in the cooler, expecting it all to go directly into the fridge. And I needed to buy milk and eggs for breakfast.

But none of that really was the big problem. .. the deal-breaker came when we realized we had no way to make coffee in the morning.

We gave in, made the call,  and took the motor-home to the repair shop, where they’ll have it fixed in a day or two. We stopped for dinner on our way home, then carried all of our stuff back up the two flights of stairs. Seven hours later, we are right back where we started.

From my balcony I can see the moon grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Venus is gleaming, too. Not a bad view. Just not the one we’d been hoping for.

XO Donna

6 thoughts on “Disappointment

    • Hi Karen! It did at the time. It’s still not fixed… the mechanic got sick and is in the hospital – and of course he’s the only one that works on electrical systems!
      But, keeping it in perspective, we are more concerned for his health, than for our RV.
      As Roxanne Roxanadanna said, “It’s always somethin!” 😘
      XO Donna

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