Date: January 8

Location: West of Austin, TX


As I write this, we are prepping for another 16 degree night at a park, “glamping” again. Why? Well, I’ll tell ya – we chose not to winterize our RV because here in Texas it can be in the high 70’s and then tumble down to the 30’s or 20’s in one day.

Sure as shootin’ it will jump back up into the 70’s a few days later. Winterizing it is costly, then you can’t use it. When you’re ready to go play, you pay to get the system flushed and the anti-freeze out.

It rarely gets this cold here. In fact, I don’t even remember a winter last year. So we didn’t winterize… and as a result, we’ve had to take it out and stay in it. Keeping our propane heaters running keeps everything from freezing, including us. We have been cozy, and it’s been nice to get away when almost nobody else in their right mind would be at the park!

The last few days we’ve been at an RV resort because our favorite state park was closed for maintenance. This place is packed – we got lucky and got one of the last two available slots. And we’re talking well over one hundred-plus spaces in this place!

In spite of the fridgid weather, everyone is out walking dogs, or walking for fitness, and it was nice to have other people say to say “Hi,” to. It was also interesting to see so many license plates from so far away, “snowbirds” I guess: Alaska, Oregon, Maine, New York, Connecticut.

img_0433Fashion-wise, it was fun to to layer turtlenecks, big warm sweaters, and boots. I am grateful I also had thermal underwear, kneesocks, metallic liners, ear-muffs, scarves and mittens. To some of you this is your wardrobe for months – so I am sure I will get no sympathy from you… but you certainly have mine.

We’ve decided that we really don’t enjoy being cold…  I’ve felt frozen since Thanksgiving. The next time the weather plunges, we’re heading even further south! We wistfully checked the weather report for Key West, FL. every day.

I’m looking forward to warm weather, but I’m sure I’ll be whistling another tune come August and September, when it’s in the 100’s here.

XO Donna

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