A Test of Patience

State:  Texas
Location: Austin

funnymirrorYes, home. We are temporarily grounded with a broken right rear-view mirror on the RV. Can’t drive one of these without one of those. 

Our plans were to head to Florida, stopping at a few great places along the way. Okay, one great place: New Orleans, then head to the Keys. Now… not so sure when any of that will happen.

The manufacturer of our motor-home closes their factory from Christmas Eve through January 2nd to give their employees time off to be with their families. This is great, and I am happy for them all, but it means we can’t even order parts until they re-open.  Patience. Still not my best quality.

While reading this morning I discovered the most comprehensive list of animal group names I’ve ever seen. We all know that it’s a flock of birds, a school of fish, or a pride of lions. Listening to a song by Sting years ago I learned of a murder of crows, and that opened a whole new world to me. Here in Texas we have colonies of bats, herds of cattle, gangs of deer, bands of coyotes – and to liven things up, we have rhumbas of rattlesnakes!

As soon as that mirror is fixed, I plan to leave the coyotes and rattlesnakes behind to make music without me. I see us eating beignets at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, and avoiding any members of the congregations of alligators along the road on our way to Florida.

flamingosOnce there, I plan on enjoying the wrecks of seabirds, ignoring the screeches of gulls, and hopefully spotting a few pods of dolphins. If I’m lucky, I’ll pick a winner, along with seeing the flamboyance of flamingos at Hialeah Raceway again. It will be the first time I’ve been there since I was very young and went to visit my uncle, a groom there, in the mid-50’s.

Mostly, I’m looking forward to some sunshine, balmy weather, and sand between my toes. Oh, and a piece of Key Lime Pie.

Stay tuned.
XO Donna

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