The Way to Santa Fe

Since the ride to Santa Fe is thirteen hours by car, we decided to break it into a two-day drive in the RV, stopping halfway in Lubbock, Texas. 

We left early the next morning, eager to cross the state line into Clovis, New Mexico. It may be the first time in 12 years that we didn’t stop at the Harley Shop there.

It’s very flat out this way, not much to see except miles of prairie and trains, but I love trains, always have. Running parallel to one for a while, we decided to try out our Hadley air-horn, and honked to him. I was as excited as a kid when he honked back! We rode along companionably for a bit, and then our paths diverged.

img_0213I always get a frisson of excitement when the dirt becomes a deep red, and I see antelope and my first mesas. Land of Enchantment!  It got even better when we pulled into Santa Fe Skies RV park. It is situated on an old ranch, atop a hill, with a view of the mountains and Santa Fe just 25 minutes northwest of it.  To think I was worried that we’d be sitting out in the middle of a windy, flat field somewhere.


Our view was pretty spectacular, and provided amazing sunrises and sunsets, and a couple of amazingly cold mornings! We’d never had the RV in cold (22F) temps before, but we were toasty warm inside, and all was well with our water lines.

I observed that critters didn’t come out in the mornings until the sun was up and had thawed out the frost on our truck. Then we’d see bunnies everywhere (did you know that a group of rabbits is called a “herd?”) and flocks of robins would swoop in and drink the melting frost on everyone’s vehicles.


The friends we came to visit live just 20 minutes south of the RV park in Madrid, a revived old mining town which is now an artistic, and tight-knit, little community. It is also where the movie “Wild Hogs,” with John Travolta, was filmed. Maggie’s Cafe, of movie fame, is there in the middle of town, along with many beautiful art galleries, a coffee shop, boutiques, and The Mine Shaft – the old mine which is now a bar, dance hall, and the community meeting center.

You can drive through Madrid on your way from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on State Road 14, The Turquoise Trail. It’s not a short-cut with it’s winding, hilly roads, but we prefer the long-way.  It’s usually where we find the most beauty and the most beautiful surprises.

XO Donna


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