Ready. Set. Go!

downtownsantafeIt’s here. Our first BIG trip is coming up next weekend. We are going to load up and head west to Santa Fe to visit friends for Thanksgiving. If I were a Labrador Retriever, I’d be shivering with excitement. But first – 

We need to visit our storage “closet” and retrieve winter coats and a some sweaters, and our warm slippers. I’ve been barefoot, or in Reefs, since April.

I need to make a rough menu, figuring 3 meals a day for 12 days, in order to have what we need on hand. You’ve heard about “food deserts” haven’t you?  I ain’t lyin’ when I tell you there is no healthy food from here to Santa Fe. I live by the Boy Scout motto  – highwayAlways Be Prepared. (Incidentally, I remember nothing about being a Girl Scout.)

I need to attempt to cook something in our RV’s convection/nuke combo oven. I still haven’t tried.  My friend Karen says it’s easy. We’ll see about that.

We need to prepare the RV for very cold weather. Insulate our water line, add rugs, etc. Since we have had the RV, we’ve only camped in temperatures from the high 90’s to the 70’s, with just one cool night, which warmed back up by the afternoon. Santa Fe will have highs in the 60’s with lows at night in the 30’s. That’s downright cold!

And, speaking of down, I bought a flannel duvet cover for my down comforter. Something we rarely use in Texas. steeple-in-snowIt should be toasty warm. Please, God… let it be toasty warm.

Here’s the last thing I need, and I could use your help. How do you manage to write/create/work in tight quarters with someone else in such close proximity?

Please leave me a comment, I look forward to hearing your tricks and techniques on this subject. It will be one more thing to be Thankful for.

XO Donna

4 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Go!

  1. I just found your blog via 1010 Park Place. I love your title and tag line. It perfectly captures my feelings of “homesick for somewhere I haven’t been”. Perfect! I look forward to hearing about your trip.

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