HERE’S… Autumn!

“All the leaves are brown
And the sky is grey
I went for a walk
On a winters  an autumn day.”
Mamas and the Papas, California Dreaming


All the leaves are brown…

I’m no longer waiting, fall arrived this morning. After a night of blustery winds and large acorns thunking on the roof of the motorhome, leaves are fluttering to the ground around me, untethered at at last. The open-campfire ban; a result of our droughts – was lifted, and there were a few campfires last night, people gathered around them the same way people have been gathering around fire for at least a million years – filling the air with the smell of oak and mesquite.

When I was little I would travel with Mom and my baby sister Terry, by train from NY to San Antonio to visit my Great Aunt Pie. She was my hero: a barrel-racer, and a sharp-shooter, she had a cattle ranch in nearby Boerne. She burned mesquite wood in her large, stone fireplace, and she always made a gigantic tray of cheese-and-chili enchiladas for my now-Northern Mom. Those two smells are inexorably linked in my mind, and together, they smell like love!


Sunset at Lake Georgetown, TX

Having grown up on Long Island, NY, seasons were relatively orderly, arriving more or less on schedule. In general, there was a steady, progressive warming into summer, a plateau, and a predictable cooling down which slid into football, bonfires, and the gift-giving holidays. Then snow.

Down here, there is little predictability… weather pounces like a wild animal that’s been laying in wait! One day is spring-like and the next, it’s as if someone turned the thermostat all the way up. Summer is unrelentingly hot, until a cold-front blows through and it isn’t.


Misty sunrise in main basin. Lake Georgetown, TX

And, finally, this morning it isn’t. The mists on the lake at sunrise were mystical, and off to the other side of the lake you could see blue clouds marking the edge of the front-line.



Looking north. Jim Hogg Park, TX

From visiting with dear friends, to making a new friend, and the arrival of fall, it was a great week… hate to have to go home.

WHERE WE ARE: Lake Georgetown, TX. Corps of Engineers – Jim Hogg Park.
Available to book online at:

XO Donna

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