Still Waiting

The only thing that tells me it’s the first day of autumn… is my calendar.

September 22nd and it’s still in the high nineties here in Austin. On Monday it was 100, and the mercury crept as high as 106 in nearby towns. Since then, it’s been hovering around 96 the last couple of days.   Too. Damned. Hot.

In Mother Nature’s defense, she did give us a cool wet spring which lasted into mid-summer.

Since the heat was late getting here, it seems that it’s decided to stick around a bit longer than usual. But, I am hopeful;  even though there’s been not one hint of coolness on the breeze, there is a slight tinge of yellow in the green leaves of the trees. They know.

autumnTo take a break from all of this heat, we have been planning a trip to see my sisters in Wisconsin, but it was delayed repeatedly. Now that the worst of the heat is over, our new plan is to leave the second week of October. That’s arriving quickly, and I am excited – there should be colorful leaves, cold weather that will allow me to sleep under a comforter, and my sisters!

This will be our first “BIG TRIP” in our motor-home. We’ve gotten comfortable with it, and over the last months we’ve taken short trips to learn how to work it, and how to work together on it. I still haven’t driven, but I plan to practice in a parking lot, then give it try on the open, emptier, roads outside of the city. The way I figure it; if some tiny, little-bitty old lady can drive one of these, then I can too!

It’s gonna be a trip. Literally.
XO Donna


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