(No) Labor Day

We took our motorhome on our first long drive, from where we keep it stored, three hours away to Fredericksburg, TX. Since we’ve had so much rain this summer, the drive was greener and more lush than I ever remember seeing it. And speaking of lush… there are now so many wineries out there, that it’s starting to look like a certain area of California. Fredericksburg used to be a sleepy little town formed by German settlers, and famous for its peaches and architecture.  Now it’s famous for its shops, B & Bs, and wineries.

imageWe stayed at a new-ish RV resort called Quiet Creek, named so because it backs to a trickling creek with a beautiful old farmstead on the other side. Huge oak trees shade it’s dirt road, and a crumbling stacked-stone fence runs along the edge of the property. Our second night there, on a walk down by the creek, we saw this flock of sheep grazing peacefully and tended by a donkey who blended right in.

We met our friends out there, and each have small dogs: a pair of Yorkies for one and three “wiener dogs” for the other. There were a lot of walks, parades actually, and that was a good thing because we all shared lots and lots of good food!

imageOn our last night thunderstorms rolled in, and as often happens here, the sky blackens and roils, (I was looking for a witch and flying monkeys!) the winds pick up, the temperatures drop, then the bottom falls out and it pours! We scrambled to get our dinner and drinks inside, and stow everything that could blow away. There’s a saying here, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change!”

But, you know what never changes? The joy of being on the road, of going somewhere and experiencing new things, and the pleasure of good food with great friends.

Cheers, y’all!

XO Donna



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