One Perfect Day

In eight days of staying in our motorhome and learning the ropes,  we had only one sunny day. And, woo-doggy, it was a beauty! It was warm, instead of scorching hot or raining cats & dogs. Fluffy white clouds floated across the sky in a checkerboard pattern, pushed along by a soft breeze.

This is the kind of weather we dream of down here in Texas!


I took a long walk in the morning, and it was so nice that I did it again in the evening.  Then I pulled out my camera as the sun was setting, to document what was right outside my windshield.

One perfect day in a summer filled with rain; the fourth wettest August on record.

Lest all the campers in the park get any ideas that this is what Austin is like all of the time, (and make plans to move here) the next day was hot and rainy and gray again. I’m certain they were glad to pack up and get home. I hate to admit it, but I sure was.

XO Donna

My Three “Rs”

imageRun-down, Run-up, Run away!

As we prepare for our maiden voyage in the RV, these have become my new “three Rs.” How is it that something meant to give you the freedom to run away at a the drop of a hat, needs so many check-lists?

These lists are our version of “Zen and the Art of Motorhome Maintenance.” They will mean not having to worry as we head down the road, because all systems will be go! They mean when I’m hungry, there will be food in the fridge. When we offer our hospitality to friends old, or new, we will have something in the bar to serve them. And at the end of a long, exciting day we will be able to sleep well because we have pillows, sheets, and fresh towels. (and T.P. of course!)

When I was younger, I was always the most-prepared in my group, but I always up for an adventure, and always a good sport about whatever went wrong. All of the screw-ups provided great stories to tell, and retell.

Now, I prefer a bit more luxury and comfort. A tad more predictability…like knowing where I will sleep and that I’ll have coffee and cream when I wake up. I’ve gotten spoiled, I guess. I’ve also learned that we can’t plan for everything.  Life, on it’s own terms, is one hell of an adventure!

I will run-down my checklists. And like a good pilot, my partner will do his run-up on the RV and it’s systems. You can simultaneously be prepared, and still be open to synchronicity and serendipity. Running-away is so much nicer that way.

XO Donna