Goldilocks Goes Big

For the past year I have felt like Goldilocks…trying to find an RV that is “just right.”

It seems like it ought to be easy,  but with so many choices we have gone ’round and ’round in circles over this. We started out believing that what we wanted was a motorhome. But we had to rule out a trailer, which included my dream of a shiny, iconic Airstream. I’m all for an Airstream, but after attending a few RV shows and wandering through a number of them, I understand the reasons my honey isn’t.

Then we thought a Toy-Hauler would be a good idea. They are “The Mullet” of motor-homes: all business in front – bedroom/bath/kitchen, and party in the back – a garage for motorcycles and all of their necessary gear. Some even have an elevated deck in back, although I don’t know why you’d need one when you have ground everywhere. We looked at a few, and came THIS CLOSE to buying one. But didn’t.

Early this month we returned to looking in earnest for a motorhome, but couldn’t find the right one: this one’s too small, this one’s too big, this one’s too gaudy. Seriously, some of these look like they were custom-designed for Liberace! It was a challenge to find one with just the right combination of esthetics, size, age, mileage and price.

imageBut we finally did!  Here is my new home-away-from-home. Beautiful, and a bit (okay, a lot) intimidating. But if little old ladies from Pasadena can drive these babies, I figure I can, too.

Now, off to learn to co-Captain this behemoth.

XO Donna

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