Independence Day

We are moving next week, in order to make our nomadic dream into a dream-come-true.  As a result, we found ourselves up to our asses in boxes, bubble-wrap, and packing tape with no plans for the 4th of July.

In the past we have been out of town with friends. Usually we have taken our motorcycles and headed northwest for a respite from the Texas heat. As we packed boxes, we reminisced about all of the “cool” times we have spent elsewhere, and the great fireworks we had seen. Or not seen.

Last year we rode to Telluride with our group, looking forward to a  small local parade and fireworks show like in the past. Unfortunately, Telluride had been “discovered” and the crowds were unexpected and unbelievable. Unwilling to stand in line for hours (seriously, hours!) we didn’t get to see the fireworks.

austinfireworksWe felt a little disappointed to be missing the fireworks again, when we heard the first cannon boom. We crawled off the sofa, and walked to our patio door – lo and behold, the country club across the road was having a fireworks display! There were hundreds of boats on the water below. What a sight!

We sat out on our third-floor balcony watching the fireworks as if they were our own private show, laughing over our good fortune! I hate to admit it, but sometimes everything you need is right in your own backyard.

XO Donna

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