Rocky Mountain High

An old friend,  now living in Ouray, Colorado,  posted this photo the other day and I felt a tug deep inside me. I walked around all day thinking, we need to go there…soon! We were through there last fall on our motorcycles, but only stopped for lunch and a beer.

image(photo credit: Mike Boruta / OuraybyFlight)

Let’s face it, what’s not to love?  Right now, I am packing-up this apartment in order to move to an even smaller apartment,  then finally buy our RV and get this party started!
When we get there, one of the first things on our agenda is calling Don, who is a guide at Colorado West Jeep Rentals and Tours to experience an off-the beaten-path mountain tour.
I’m certain that if you’re in Ouray, (pronounced YOU-RAY)  anytime this summer, he’d take you for a ride, too. You know what I mean. Tell him damnedgypsy sent you.

XO Donna

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