The world at my doorstep

As much as I love to travel, it’s pretty cool when things come to me!

We live right across the road from the Austin Country Club. For the last few months we’ve been seeing lots of work going on over there, and we’ve even spied on them with binoculars from our balcony. Turns out, they were getting ready to host a PGA golf tournament!

I don’t play, but my darlin’ used too. The closest I’ve been to a nice golf course is driving  along the 17 Mile Drive past Pebble Beach in CA.  I admire the beauty of the courses, the skill of the players, and have a lot of respect for the game. We just recently watched “The Legend of Bagger Vance.”

The closer it got to the day of the tournament, the crazier the traffic got around our place, and with all of that buzz, we wished we could go see just a little bit of it. After all, we can walk there!

imageOpening day. 7:22 a.m. My phone rings. It’s a dear friend, “Hey, could you two use two tickets to the golf tournament across the street from your house? They’re for today and we can’t go. I thought of you.”

We attended a PGA golf match! I got to see the bridge I look at every day from my 3rd floor, from down on the water. We walked the path along the beautifully updated greens. And we have some souvenir glasses and some  great photos, even though we were chastised for taking them.

Later on the news, we saw Tom Kite being interviewed. He welcomed everyone who’d come to visit Austin and attended the tournament. He told them to have fun, but NOT to move here because our traffic is already so bad.

We had a good laugh over that. Good thing we live close enough walk!

XO  Donna

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