Love Muffin

I can’t tell you how many beautiful things I have let go of, passing them on to young friends hoping they will enjoy them for as many years as I did.  I often need to remind myself that I am doing this – downsizing – in order to follow my wanderlust.

Occasionally there are items I miss, but mostly it’s been great. I saved the things I use that are right-sized for a gypsy life. Especially those that have a story, like this old Crown Ware muffin tin.

imageYears ago, I went to stay with a dear friend outside of Santa Fe as I sorted out my life. We took long walks in the arroyo. We took that delightful trip to Ojo Caliente.  And one morning I awoke to a blanket of snow enveloping everything. It seemed to be a sign to make a fresh start. I came home renewed.

While I was there, I found this tin in a thrift store and it reminded me of a cast-iron cornbread pan my maternal-grandmother had. Now this tin reminds me of my friend, and how much more enduring our friendships and memories are, than things.

XO Donna

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