As I look at motorhome after motorhome, I keep wondering why they aren’t designed more like boats; sleeker and more streamlined?

I’m pretty sure the answer is that most Americans want something that looks familiar to them,  complete with a Barcalounger or two.

 For a while we considered living on a boat, sailing and savoring the island life. Ultimately, we decided that lifestyle was best left to younger or more experienced sailors. Davy Jone’s Locker was not a place we wanted to visit.  

An AirStream trailer is the closest I’ve seen to my ship-shaped dreams. But, we  can’t  tow the motorcycle behind it.

imageOn the opposite end of the spectrum, I love the gypsy caravans that are all the rage right now. It must run in my blood – I grew up in a small town called Bohemia, on Long Island.

I’ll shoot for something right down the middle. If it can’t be sleek, it will be cozy and inviting.  The door’s open, come visit!

XO Donna

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