Ojo Caliente

Finally,  a day here in Austin that actually feels like winter. It’s cool, damp, and overcast (yes, that’s what winter feels like here).  I put on a big sweater and made oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.  Now the apartment is redolent with their sweetness (to me, that’s what winter smells like).

As I look out the window, all I can think about is Ojo Caliente, outside of Santa Fe. I haven’t been in hot water in so very long. Soaked in it, that is. imageOjo has been a favorite soaking spot since the early 90’s.

First time I was here it was shabby, but in a hippyish way. The screen door at the main building slammed shut when you let it go because the old, coiled spring had been adjusted to within an inch of it’s life.

The pools are the stars here: Iron Pool. Soda Pool. Lithia Pool, even Arsenic Pool. Once held sacred by the indigenous Native Americans who lived here,  and believed to have restorative properties, I think in our own modern ways, we recognize their sacredness, too.

They spring from the ground at the base of a large, protective cliff.  As I soak, I imagine scouting parties up on the ridge watching over the land. Signs remind you to “Whisper” so that all can enjoy the peaceful environment.

Hello silence, my old friend.  When mixed with a bit of arsenic and iron, blue sky and red dirt, you’ve got the recipe for bliss in the middle of winter.

XO Donna


I have been feeling overwhelmed by all of the politics lately – and the mean-spiritedness that goes along with them. And, I’m not talking about the politicians!

On social media there’s an attitude that “if you don’t agree with me, you’re wrong!” My way, or the highway. Right, wrong. Push, pull. Love, hate. As my Mom would have said, “It seems as if everything’s going to hell in a hand-basket.”

I  know that this too, shall pass. To remind myself that things change for the better, we took a ride out to Lake Travis – 40 minutes west of downtown. We’d been in such a drought state for years, that at one point we were able to hike almost clear across the bottom of it!image

Down here we always joke that “one good rain’d fix that!” and that’s just what happened. After seeing the lake at it’s lowest levels EVER – it’s such a joy to see it full, and sparkling blue again.image

Historically, people have always complained that things were awful. “It was the best of times. . .it was the worst of times.” I choose to believe that just as we have in the past, we are evolving. It’s Nature at work. Look at the chaos a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly. Speaking of which, one just zig-zagged past!

XO Donna




As I look at motorhome after motorhome, I keep wondering why they aren’t designed more like boats; sleeker and more streamlined?

I’m pretty sure the answer is that most Americans want something that looks familiar to them,  complete with a Barcalounger or two.

 For a while we considered living on a boat, sailing and savoring the island life. Ultimately, we decided that lifestyle was best left to younger or more experienced sailors. Davy Jone’s Locker was not a place we wanted to visit.  

An AirStream trailer is the closest I’ve seen to my ship-shaped dreams. But, we  can’t  tow the motorcycle behind it.

imageOn the opposite end of the spectrum, I love the gypsy caravans that are all the rage right now. It must run in my blood – I grew up in a small town called Bohemia, on Long Island.

I’ll shoot for something right down the middle. If it can’t be sleek, it will be cozy and inviting.  The door’s open, come visit!

XO Donna