All I Want

…to do is have some fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun. And I am so close to finishing my book, yet all I can do is daydream about a road-trip. Almost to the exclusion of sitting down and doing my work.

There are so many places calling to me, but the one that tugs hardest at my heart-strings is an old silver-mining town just outside of Santa Fe.

Madrid in snowMy heart is like a homing pigeon where the desert is concerned. Set her free, and she flies straight for the arroyos, mesas, and red dirt. It was just about this time six years ago that I went to the desert in crisis and returned with a clear mind and a sense of direction.

This time the desert will be my reward, the carrot on the end of the stick, waiting for me to complete my revisions. With my work done I can fly away for a while. All I want is to walk in the desert, hear the coyotes yipping, see the stars in a dark sky, and get some red dirt on my cowboy boots.
That’s what I call fun!

XO Donna

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