Just Right

Lately I’ve begun feeling a bit like Goldilocks. “How so?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell ya. The hunt for our motorhome has begun in earnest, and I’ve cozied up to of lots of motorhomes looking for one that is just right.

On some we loved the colors, but the interior choices didn’t work. Some looked great, but they were smoked in and they smelled. Some weren’t well-maintained and in others the mileage was too high. We finally narrowed it down to two manufacturers, a model, a length, and an age range. Now that we know what Just Right looks like, we’ve built it, so it will come. image

We also made the decision to jump in and go “full-time,” living in it rather than maintaining a small home, too. This requires a final “down-sizing event,” but we can deal with all of it now, or leave it for someone else to deal with when we go to the Big Party in the Sky. May as well do it now.

Our lease is up in seven months, but we are giving ourselves only five to have everything in place. That feels just right. . .and gives me some leeway!

All I Want

…to do is have some fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun. And I am so close to finishing my book, yet all I can do is daydream about a road-trip. Almost to the exclusion of sitting down and doing my work.

There are so many places calling to me, but the one that tugs hardest at my heart-strings is an old silver-mining town just outside of Santa Fe.

Madrid in snowMy heart is like a homing pigeon where the desert is concerned. Set her free, and she flies straight for the arroyos, mesas, and red dirt. It was just about this time six years ago that I went to the desert in crisis and returned with a clear mind and a sense of direction.

This time the desert will be my reward, the carrot on the end of the stick, waiting for me to complete my revisions. With my work done I can fly away for a while. All I want is to walk in the desert, hear the coyotes yipping, see the stars in a dark sky, and get some red dirt on my cowboy boots.
That’s what I call fun!

XO Donna

Mix it up

One of the best things about traveling, since we really don’t really have seasons, is that we can mix it up and go experience a snowy winter for a week. That’s about as long as I can tolerate being cold.

It’s hard to imagine that just a couple of weeks ago we were “stuck” in a hotel in Oklahoma City, looking out our window at a frozen, immobile neighborhood. It had started drizzling as we pulled into Bricktown for the night, and didn’t let up for hours, even as the temperature dropped to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. In the morning all of the roads, including the Interstate, were closed. Everything was iced over.image

Like little children, we watched and waited. . . impatient to go out and play. It took till noon for things to start moving again, and then we headed out cautiously. By the time we hit the Texas border, the roads were fine.

While everything up north is still frozen, yesterday we took the bike out for a ride. It was 62 and sunny, a perfect autumn day in Austin. We headed west to visit a dear friend who manages a marina. I am still giddy that after a years-long drought (where the lake had gotten so low you could walk across the bottom from one side almost to the other) Lake Travis is now full again. Strolling on the piers I could look up at a lapis blue sky, and canyon walls covered with mostly green trees.  A few oaks had their last leaves, golden and tan, still clinging to their branches. image

We may have a couple more cold days ahead of us, but from this point forward it will be beautiful until it gets unbearably hot. I know we won’t wait that long to head out on the highway. I’m not sure where we will be going, but, you’ll be the first to know!

XO Donna