Bring it!

Here’s the thing about being a gypsy at heart – you no sooner get back from one trip, and you’re already looking for the next place to go.

My toiletries are still in their FAA-approved ziploc bag from our trip to Mexico for Halloween.  Each time I see them in their  little three-ounce-bottles my heart flutters and my adrenaline goes up a notch.  I’m packed and ready!

I do see a trip in my near future, the hunt for the perfect RV is underway. We’ve narrowed it down to four models, and a specific price range. It’s just like buying a car – that you’re going to live in.

imageNow that I’ve done that part, here is where I bow out: I dislike everything about the haggling part of the process. My way is to pin photos where I can see them, write a price across them…and let the Universe take care of the rest!

Universe, you are hereby notified: I want this baby by Valentine’s Day, 2016 or sooner, for a price that we are happy to pay. And if you have something better in mind, bring it!

Love,  Donna

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