Independence Day


imageWe are on the road! And as I write this I am listening to the sound of a stream running over the rocks in a stand of birch trees below our room in Telluride. Birds are singing in the trees, crows are caw-caw-cawing, I hear the muted voices of my sweetheart and our dear friends talking in the other room. Denise got after it in the kitchen, and cooked breakfast tacos for the ten of us. What a way to start our day! Kuddos to the chef!

We left at sunrise on July 1, to trailer the bikes to Santa Fe and connect with friends. I have never seen the desert in New Mexico so green and vibrantly alive. Everything is lush and blooming, and smells divine!
On the way to Durango I was looking along the side of the road at the wildflowers and birch trees, and ponds…and I saw bears!  Down in a little meadow beside the road  were a mama bear and her two cubs. They glistened like new copper pennies in the morning sunlight.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my luck, and I couldn’t wait to share what I saw, hoping someone else had seen them, too. Vicky saw them too, and we did a “high five” over that! So far we’ve seen hawks, magpies, deer, antelope and chipmunks.

imageThe Durango to Telluride leg of the trip went through some great switchbacks, dense forests, and stunning high mountain passes where we climbed up to 11,000 feet. Snow is still lining ridges, and in crevasses. Waterfalls are everywhere from the melt. I didn’t remember the amazing red rocks coming in to Silverton. (not my photo)

Feeling grateful and free, I wish you all a Happy July 4th!

XO Donna

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