What a Year

Location: La Hacienda RV Resort, Austin, TX

03408500-E879-45BD-8E3E-F1A53632762DIt has been both the best of times, and the worst of times this year. We’ve traveled to some wonderful, and new-to-us places. We’ve spent time at places we love. I got to travel alone and have a crazy girls-week with my dear sisters. And almost all of our trips have been spent beside lakes and rivers… which for a pair of Water Signs is a pretty big deal, I’ll tell ya!

We’ve spent time with very dear friends whom we don’t get to see nearly enough to satisfy us. We have met some very nice couples as we’ve traveled, become friendly with great park hosts and crew… even went so far as applying for a job in Durango, which we didn’t get. Maybe next time!

But, even while we are out having adventures, life rolls along the way it always does. We lost some very dear friends this year: Michele, Dennis, and Kim all left this beautiful blue marble way too early, to go on the Ultimate Adventure.

My son has been ill, so we have stayed here in a “home-base” park for the last three months to help him. He’s feeling better, and now I am enjoying catching up with friends. I’m sure you’ve noticed that my writing schedule has been all messed up, but I’m certain you understand, right?

On the plus-side, we have worked out our wi-fi connectivity issues, and done both some preventive maintenance and repairs on the coach that would have been very challenging if we’d been elsewhere.

Lots of people told me they dream of “running away,” thinking that’s what we are doing… but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe that we are more fully and intimately engaged in Life. And we are even more determined to spend as much one-on-one time with the people we love as possible.

Wishing you all a wondrous Holiday Season… and a Happy, Healthy, New Year.

XO Donna


Holding Pattern

Hello there! I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in, but since last time a lot has happened:
1. We’ve moved into our motorhome full-time. The possessions we chose to keep, and our cold-weather clothes and blankets, are in a smallish-ish climate-controlled storage unit. We promised ourselves a review and edit in the spring.
2. We have been staying in a nice RV park near Lake Travis in Austin (at a local park we like for this past month. It’s been a great location as we completed obligations with family and dear friends. But…I’ve learned that one month in one place may be too long. There’s a bit of a “Peyton Place” vibe I’ve detected….
3. I got to go to both Wisconsin and Michigan to see my sisters for our second reunion. We were in a sweet condo, on a nice sand beach on Lake Michigan. The water was warm, surprisingly calm, and great swimming – like an ocean, minus the salt! Cool weather, sweet harbor towns to explore with my sisters, and early morning solitary walks where I saw all kinds of guest cottages. It was a treat!



4. When I returned home, the weather went from Texas HOT… to HADES HOT. Just like Stevie Wonder’s 1980 album, August was Hotter Than July!
5. We’ve bought ourselves bicycles, kind of a sport-cruiser blend… but it’s too dang hot to ride them except early, early, early in the morning! Like a kid at Christmas, I can’t wait to get up each morning to have coffee and then go ride! Well – not that I was drinking coffee when I was a kid… you know what I mean!
6. This coming Wednesday we finally head north to cooler weather! First stop, Madrid, an old mining town outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. There is a Gypsy Festival on Saturday, and you know I don’t want to miss out on that! There will also be dear friends, great meals together, much cooler weather, a Nia Technique class or two, and concocting cocktails in the high-desert. I promise you some great photos.

Till next time!
XO Donna